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Learn more about Château La Fleur Petrus Pomerol Bordeaux Wine, Complete guide

2018Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)98

Black cherry, Boysenberry, roses, lilacs, truffles and spices are at work here. On the palate, the wine is pure sumptuous velvet. Elegance and power are balanced with layers of plums soaked in decadent texture chocolate liquor that lasts until dawn. In a decade, it will be won! 97-99 pts

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3,076 Views Tasted

2017Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)96

The combination of the lush texture of velvet and cashmere tannins on the palate is a knockout. The nose of truffle, black raspberry, plum, licorice and cocoa is incredibly aromatic. But when you come back for more of these sensually textured fruits, it’s when you know you’re downright in Pomerol.

3,520 Views Tasted

2016Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)98

Smoke, truffle, earth, black plum and floral notes create the fragrance. If that were not enough, from there you will find a sensual display of beautifully ripe, sweet, fresh and elegant fruit that glide effortlessly on your palate. It’s so sexy!

2,756 Views Tasted

A perfect of roses, plums, chocolate, truffles, smoke, spices and cherry blossoms creates the nose. Draped in silk, sensual with tannins of lamb, the wine is the flossy librarian with her hair down – an intellectual Pomerol who also delivers sensuality.

3,215 Views Tasted 95

2015Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)97

Elegant, sensuality is exhibited here. The wine is tasted effortlessly thanks to its lush profile of cherry, plum and liquorice coated with chocolate. There is concentration, polish and freshness. But make no mistake, it is the sexy, multilayered and velvet textured finish that is the highlight of the wine. Age this stunner for a decade and as the truffles hit the scene, you will be truly blown away.

5,052 Views Tasted

It’s like walking into your local flower shop to find an open jar of licorice and a tub of freshly squeezed cherries in the middle of the arrangements. Elegant, supple and seductive, the crushed velvet tannins are exceptional when combined with all this ripe, sweet and lush kirsch liquor on the finish. The harvest took place from September 11 to October 1. The blend is made of 92% Merlot, 7.5% Cabernet Franc and for the first time, a touch of Petit Verdot was included in the wine at 0.05%. 94 – 96 points

3838 Views Tasted 95

2014Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)93

Floral notes with black raspberries, licorice, chocolate and cherry liqueur, this wine has velvety tannins, silky textures, freshness and sweet black fruit that lasts through the night. 93-94 points

5,254 Views Tasted

2013Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)93

In this ruby-colored wine, flowers, truffles, earth, spices and black raspberries are in full view. Soft and silky on the palate, there is a sensual Pomerol character which should deepen and improve with a few years. Very nice for the vintage. 92-94 points

4688 Views Tasted

2012Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)94

Aromas of truffle, licorice and black cherry create the fragrance. The wine is rich, full-bodied and concentrated with all the good things. In other words, if you like fresh, sweet, juicy, ripe and sweet plums and black cherries, associated with freshness and sensual and silky velvety textures. It could get even better as it develops.

4303 Views Tasted

Truffle, tobacco, dark red berries and even darker chocolate flavors with silky and polished textures and a refined and elegant cocoa and cherry finish that wins in the mouth. 93-95 pts

4,563 Views Tasted 94

2011Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)93

The aromas of chocolate, flowers, black cherry, earth and spices blend well with soft and silky textures and suave, fresh, pure and spicy red fruits. 93-94 points

5,546 Views Tasted

2010Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)97

It is difficult to decide what I preferred about this wine. The nose, with its flower, truffle and smoky earth surrounding all the ripe and sweet red fruits. Or the hedonistic thrill on the palate, with its velvety textures, lush plums, cherries and chocolate. Fortunately, I didn’t have to decide. I dug everything! Pomerol fans should be everywhere in this daze.

2,515 Views Tasted

Cherries coated with chocolate, plum, black raspberry liqueur and earthy notes create the bouquet. The wine is structured, powerful, tannic, fresh and deep, ending with a concentrated explosion of sweet, ripe and black cherries that stays in the mouth for at least 40 seconds. Not as sexy as the 2009, but it will be a much longer wine.

5,999 Views Tasted 95

La Fleur Petrus Freshly picked flowers, Valhrona chocolate and a scent of Boysenberry blackberry liqueur inspire your palate to discover layers of refined plums, silk and velvet and black cherries. Succulent, ripe, rich, pure, sweet and long, the wine ends with a finish of black raspberry liqueur coated with chocolate 94-96

6,166 Views Tasted 95

2009Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)98

It just keeps getting better. Decanted splash, it was a rockstar from the start. But 30 minutes later, it was really off for the races. The decadent texture is an exposure stopper. The fruit is polished velvet. There is purity and symmetry in the wine that is impossible to miss. As it developed, notes of lilac, violet and chocolate emerged. And as hard as it may seem, the wine has gained in opulence. If you’re a fan of Pomerol in its most decadent form, and if you have the spare, it’s a future legend waiting behind the scenes.

3,983 Views Tasted

Not as expressive as it was, shortly after bottling. However, it is difficult to escape from hedonistic, silky and opulent textures, with sweet, ripe, elegant fruits and a complex nose. Give it 5 years if you like your young wine. Give it a decade for more than a secondary experience.

7353 Views Tasted 96

The wine is a little tight at the moment and needed a hug to bring out the notes of truffle, cherry, chocolate and spicy plum. On the palate, it is a machine of hedonistic pleasure, with its sexy and opulent textures and its long, intense, ripe, fresh and fruity finish which has gone from red plum to black plum while the sweet taste and textures flexible persisted. It could be the best La Fleur Petrus ever produced!

4737 Views Tasted 97

It is made from ripe, pure, decadent, silky and textured fruit of velvet. With a complex nose of flowers, liquorice, ripe black cherry, earth and plum, the opulent glycerin finish is a treat for hedonists. If you bought this Pomerol early in the future, you have scored!

9407 Views Tasted 97

2009 La Fleur Petrus comes out of the glass with aromas of black and red fruits, licorice, spices, mocha and chocolate. Full-bodied, rich and silky with velvety tannins, this sensual wine has a long finish filled with layers of black fruit, black cherry and spices. Although more powerful and concentrated than the 2005, everything is in balance and harmony. 94-97

10,217 Views Tasted 96

2008Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)94

08 Château La Fleur Petrus is deeply colored. Ripe black plums, spices, mocha, earth and red fruits are everywhere in the aroma. The impressive, concentrated, opulent and juicy finish shows lots of ripe and overripe plums. 93-96 points

6,442 Views Tasted

2007Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)91

Better on the nose, with its floral profile, bright cherry, strawberry, moist earth and cocoa, than on the lighter, medium-bodied, earthy palate, of red fruits and herbs, with a soft texture. This is fully ready to use, no decanting is required here.

1315 Views Tasted

2006Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)91

With its fragrant cocoa nose coated with cherry, earth, herbs, black raspberry and truffle, the wine is a pleasure to swirl and sniff. Medium-bodied, soft and silky, the wine ends with clean and fresh cherries. I want the wine to have a little more depth and concentration. Still, I would give it at least a few more years to develop.

4725 Views Tasted

2005Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)92

Licorice, chocolate-coated plums, flowers and truffle scents open as soon as the cork is removed from the bottle. On the palate, it is an elegant, medium-bodied, lighter and fresher style of Pomerol. Sweet and sophisticated, this wine filled with chocolate, plum and black raspberry still needs 4 to 6 years before starting to reveal all its charms.

9,398 Views Tasted

2004Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)91

This fine, elegant and soft-textured charmer offers lots of sweet, ripe and dark plums, moist earth and cocoa.

8,231 Views Tasted

2001Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)91

This Pomerol with a medium body, of finesse, is drunk perfectly, with its silky, fresh personality, cherry red, cocoa and earthy. I would like it to have a little more depth, because it is really a good style of wine. It is not a wine to age for decades, I will drink it over the next few years.

3,124 Views Tasted

2000Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)94

Very sexy, right out of the door. Soft, polished and sensually textured, the wine serves it right out of the door. By mixing mocha with truffle, dark chocolate, black cherry, spices and mint, there is freshness and silky and ripe red fruit on the finish. OK, if you want to quibble, there is a touch of green pepper, probably for lack of selection, but there is so much fun in the wine, it’s easy to jump by these details and just enjoy the ride.

4843 Views Tasted

Yes baby, now we’re talking! Sexy, silky, soft and supple. Medium-bodied, with good freshness, fruit and flavor, it is a sensual bottle of wine.

3,431 Views Tasted 95

There is a nice feeling of purity in the fresh, clean, ripe black cherry fruits which are even better with what appear to be layers of shaved truffles and dark chocolate. Soft, polished and silky, drink it now or age it for another 5 years for a more earthy experience.

3,486 Views Tasted 94

If you like the idea of ​​sensual and opulent textures, flowers, chocolate, ripe cherries, truffle, earth and Boysenberry, with a long, decadent, fresh and pure finish that makes you want to fill and filling your glass is wine for you. I know I loved it!

4,443 Views Tasted 94

What a sexy little beast. Spicy and spicy scents catch your eye. But the plush, the rich entry and the wonderful mouth feel keep you in the game. It’s already so good, if you have a case, skip a bottle. However, this will only get better. It was good enough that if I didn’t already have it, I would buy a case.

6,968 Views Tasted 94

1998Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)95

If you are one of the happy collectors to have a few bottles of this beauty, this is the perfect time to pop a cork. Sexy, sensual and with polished and silky tannins, the fruit is ripe, sweet, fresh and loaded with dark chocolate, truffle, spices and black cherries. The long velvety finish wraps everything in a pretty knot.

5,135 Views Tasted

Elegant, sexy, refined and polished, it is ready to drink, because the freshness of the sweet plum, cherry and truffle character really starts to shine. It is very elegant.

4236 Views Tasted 95

Silky, fluffy and polished textures, a large dose of sweet and ripe black cherries and a personality filled with truffles, chocolate and plums make this wine a feast for the senses. It’s beautiful to drink today.

3,567 Views Tasted 95

Black liquorice, minerality, earth, milk chocolate covered cherries and fresh raspberry aromas draw your attention to what is in the glass. The caressing mouth feel in silk and velvet is pure and sensual Pomerol. The wine ends with an elegant, sweet, fresh, clean and spicy cherry finish. Drinking perfectly today will age and improve for at least 15 years or more. But there is no reason not to open a bottle of this sexy wine today.

5,812 Views Tasted 95

Aromas of blackberries coated with chocolate, truffle, violet, mocha, smoke, toast, spicy black cherry and earthy aromas interest you to know more about the content of the glass. Full-bodied and filled with succulent ripe plums, chocolate and Boysenberry, this sensual, opulent and pleasant wine machine works today on all cylinders and should improve over time. This is the best exhibition to date for 1998 La Fleur Petrus. I’m happy to have a few more bottles in the cellar.

6,372 Views Tasted 94

Rich and rich in aromas of ripe plum, this silky wine ends with sensations of sweet chocolate. Better than the 95, but slightly lighter than the 00, the wine offers a lot of finesse and complexity. The wine should improve over the next few years.

6,371 Views Tasted 92

It is a fine wine, with many levels of sweet and ripe fruit, silky textures, a medium body and a long plum finish. This estate, located next to Petrus on the plateau, started walking towards a new drum with the vintage 95 and they did not look back. Newer vintages keep improving.

4,051 Views Tasted 91

1995Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)92

The first scents of violets, cocoa, cherry have moved to blackberries and the cigar box, truffles and kirsch. After 3 hours in the glass, the dusty tannins have moved to a friendlier dry feeling, with a fresh blackberry on the finish. It will be a long lasting wine. It has the structure to age for at least 15 to 20 more years. But it will always have the tannic signature of the vintage with its refined and masculine expression of Pomerol.

6,656 Views Tasted

Chocolate, flowers, truffles, red and black plums with aromas of fresh herbs do not require much effort to find them. Medium to full-bodied, with silky textures and no hard edges, this Pomerol is filled with round textures and layers of spicy black raspberries, plums and black cherries.

6,952 Views Tasted 93

1990Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)89

Aromas of earth, cherry, red plum, spices and herbs make up the fragrance. Medium-bodied, elegant in character, but light and lacking in the concentration found in the best vintages of this Pomerol wine. This has already reached full maturity and should be consumed sooner than later.

4,517 views Tasted

1989Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)89

It could almost be called Pomerol light. Clear color, light aromatics, slight presence in the mouth. Completely mature and then a little, this wine has no stuffing for further aging.

3,709 Views Tasted

1987Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)82

It showed why vintages are important. If you are one of those people who believe that a great chateau makes stellar wines in off vintages, but a bottle of 87 Petrus and put this theory to the test. What a failure. The best descriptor I could think of for this tired and sterile wine was, there aren’t any there, there.

3,392 Views Tasted

1982Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)90

With a clear, ruby ​​color, the wine opens with an earthy, truffled nose, tobacco, shiny cherry and red plum. Medium to full-bodied, with soft and soft textures, it is fully mature and will consume better over the next few years, as the fruit clearly begins to fade.

6,640 Views Tasted

1975Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)83

This traditional style wine has shown the path traveled by Bordeaux in recent decades. Don’t expect elegance or ripe fruit with this old lady. It will not arrive. For those who think Bordeaux was better before Parker, this wine is for you.

2,498 Views Tasted

1970Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)88

Correct wine, fully ripe, easy to drink, earthy, tinged with tobacco, cherry and mushrooms, medium-bodied, fully ripe and drinkable. For the vintage, I was hoping it would be better.

1522 Views Tasted

Decent, but clearly discolored, it is a wine that should be consumed much sooner than later. Medium-bodied, with an acidity but too much, the earthy, cherry and tangy notes of plum, with their truffled accent, barely cling.

3867 Views Tasted 87

1964Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)94

This sexy wine is full of sweet, ripe and juicy plums, cherries, earth, truffle and cocoa. With soft and silky textures and a long finish of red and black fruit, it is clearly at its peak.

4,978 Views Tasted

1955Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)94

My last bottle, but you have to drink it one day. What a magnificent wine! The intoxicating mixture of truffle, blackberry, cherry, red stone fruit, smoke, thyme and almost 100% cocoa chocolate! The texture resembles spun silk.

1,615 Views Tasted

With a distinctive nose of iodine, oyster shell, tobacco, red fruit and moist earth, the medium-bodied wine served a delicious bite of sweet cherries and warm spices and elegant textures.

3,221 Views Tasted 93

It was clear, ruby ​​in color with hints of brick. The delicate scent offers spices, flowers, tobacco, truffles, smoke and herbs. Soft, elegant and charming on the palate, the earthy red fruit wine remained at the same level for about 90 minutes before sliding gently.

3,949 Views Tasted 91

55 Lafleur Petrus initially had beautiful complex aromatic qualities. For the first few moments, some fruit could be found in the final. But, this wine started to decompose in the glass after the first 5 minutes. It was nice while it lasted.

3857 Views Tasted 84

1953Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)75

With wines as old, it’s hard to tell if it’s just the bottle or the wine, when the bottle isn’t working as well as you expect or expect. In this case, as I had other older bottles from the property that offered more pleasure, I suspect it was a bit of both in this case. The nose was the best part of the wine, with its truffle and strong tobacco character. But on the palate, the wine was tangy and showed a certain madering. Well, such is life.

1,988 Views Tasted

1950Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)92

Always as strong for a wine approaching 70 years. With more earth, truffle and tobacco than fruit, as you would expect, the wine showed a sweetness in its texture, ending with a sweet and tangy note, of red fruits, spices and wet land. If this is the bottle you need for a birth year, save it until 2020, otherwise drink.

2104 Views Tasted

1937Château La Fleur-Pétrus (Pomerol)90

Hard to believe that this wine is almost 80 years old with its baked chocolate, floral, tobacco and fresh cherry profile. Light, but sweet, soft and supple, there is a lot to love in this wine, if you ever see a bottle.

2313 Views Tasted

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